Sunday, July 21


It’s Sunday evening and Tyson and I just came back from Green Park market. It’s about a 5 minute walk from the hospital. We only have to dodge traffic a couple of times ;). Like much of what we’ve seen so far in India, the market was not very handicap accessible. We were able to walk down a portion of it, past maybe 15 shops and then turn around. We stopped for iced coffee and it was so good! I stopped in the pharmacy to pick up some shampoo and some of Tyson’s favorite cookies.

This past week, we mentioned our concern to Dr. Shroff that Tyson’s face had been twitching a little bit in the past few weeks and also that he’s unable to open his mouth as wide as he used to. In typical Dr. Shroff fashion, she acted quickly and confidently. She ordered stem cell injections into his face immediately. She explained that with a disease like this that is rapidly progressing, we do not have the luxury to waste any time. They began with two injections into his cheeks and then the following day, two injections into his chin and the day after that, two injections near his lips. His OT therapist, the lovely Bhawna began some breathing and strengthening exercises to help maximize the benefits of the new stem cells. After about a day or so, the twitching has stopped.

I try very much to be positive when I talk about Tyson’s condition and our progress. To us, there is no room for negativity…it has no place in our thoughts or in our conversations. Of course we have moments where we feel discouraged or slightly defeated. Tyson has been through so much and yet he has refused to give up. When doctors told us to “get comfortable” or “stop wasting insurance money trying to fix him”…it didn’t matter much to him. Tyson’s a fighter and I love that. I want everyone to know it.

The most important thing is that Tyson and I have found hope here in India. We know he is going to get better. His strength will come back gradually and he will have to fight for it. I know that I get anxious and impatient periodically, wondering if he’s going to have a breakthrough any time soon and I also see Tyson having moments of sheer frustration…But we bounce back. With all of this, it’s important now more than ever to remain positive and hopeful. When we tell Calvin that we are going to India to get Daddy fixed, he says “Oooh! So we can play golf? Mommy, Daddy, and Calvin all together?!!” Calvin keeps us motivated more than anything ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, Tyson and I, Dr. Shroff, Bhawna and Dipin can all see even the slightest improvements in Tyson from day to day and that is phenomenal.

Thanks for checking in with us!

As always,
Ann โค

2 thoughts on “Sunday, July 21

  1. As usual, a beautifully written update. Thank you for taking the time to put this together – what a wonderful way to stay up to date on your adventures! We love you both and we are so excited to see Tyson’s progress. And it’s great to hear you can get quality iced coffees – so important ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you!

  2. Ann and Tyson–your story is an inspiration to me, to all of us, a reminder to live our days in love and in hope. Enjoy every day, carpe diem! Love you both, Aunt Tamara

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