Thursday, July 25

Hi everyone!

So this next video is from late February/early March. Go Tyson!!

And this one is from mid-March!! Such amazing improvement!

And here he is kicking a ball! I don’t know if I mentioned in an earlier post, but when we arrived in February, he was barely able to move his leg. When asked to kick, he moved his leg about an inch…

This video is of him on an electric stimulation bike at Burke Rehab! What this bike does is sends electric pulses to his muscles to sort of mimic the connection that’s missing between the nerves and the muscles (Burke docs, I apologize if I butchered that description 🙂 )The attached computer will tell Tyson how much of the effort is being made by him and how much effort is coming from the actual machine. He did really well with this!!

I will post videos from this current trip in just a bit! Time for some dinner!!


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