Friday, July 26

Now here are some more current videos from this trip. The first one is significant because while he isn’t really moving as much as before, he is getting adjusted to his new braces. The fact that he can stand rather comfortably for a few minutes is key–his joints are stronger. There is a bit of a learning curve with these braces. He can’t quite move as well as he did with the Indian braces but these will support his legs better and he will be able to “grow” with them; they have adjustments behind the knee that alter them from “straight leg” position to “bending leg” as he begins to walk with a normal gait.

This video is from this afternoon. Dipin does need to push Tyson’s legs forward but this is a key because it helps “remind” his legs how to work. Little by little, he will begin to take over and Dipin will have to work less 😉

Funny little story: this morning during his injections, one of the sisters jokingly asked Tyson, “What do YOU want?” Tyson’s response, “I wanna play golf!” We all chuckled. The doctor asked Tyson if he can visualize himself playing still…”do you picture yourself golfing? Can you SEE it?” Tyson said, “yes, all the time”…the doctor said, “That’s great. Visualizing it is very important. Remember that.” I love that!! We firmly believe that visualizing Tyson in good health and seeing him doing the things he used to do will help us get there.

So tomorrow is Saturday. He has one session of PT and one session of OT in the morning and then the rest of the day is ours. We’re hoping to be able to get outside a bit…maybe go to Dilli Haat or the mall even. We really are at the mercy of the monsoon! Tyson and I joke that there are no “quick getaways” with us, haha! We don’t want to get stuck out in the rain with his wheelchair. More to come this weekend 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

Much love,

3 thoughts on “Friday, July 26

  1. Visualizing IS key to success in a lot of things. It’s actually what has kept me going in my career & life in general. It’s how I nabbed my wife.

  2. What a great note today Annie!!!!! I believe we all visualize Tyson doing all the things he still loves doing. Top on my list is the three of you on the golf course, Tyson , you and Calvin!! Tyson of course showing you both how to do it right ! And……driving me!! aroe

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