Monday, August 12

Good morning, all!

We are very happy to report that we’ve just arrived at Burke Rehab hospital in White Plains and Tyson is all checked in and settled in his (private!) room. We were greeted by some friendly faces who remember Tyson from his stay here last summer. We are going to meet with the doctor in just a bit and then I will head off to work. We are so excited and grateful for him to be here and start his therapies.

We had the best weekend at home…just the three of us. It felt so good to be reunited with Calvin and to feel like a family again! The girls did such an incredible job caring for him…it’s really amazing. He has such great manners and is so happy. He talks non-stop and always wants to help. Here he is from our trip to The Kneaded Bread in Port Chester, NY (as promised)



That’s about all I have in the way of updates for now. More to come soon!

Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Monday, August 12

      1. Oh no doubt. So is this hospital a place he’ll pretty much be camped out in for a while?

        Could he get (surprise) visitors?

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