Tuesday, March 11

Hello friends and family. It’s been roughly 3 months since our last update, suffice it to say, it has been a long arduous winter. At the moment, I am preparing Tyson for trip #4 to India; he leaves tomorrow evening. Sadly, I will not be able to accompany him this time, as I am now 6 months pregnant. I am able to fly up until 8 months, but my doctors want me to stay here, and with perhaps a more convincing argument, so does Calvin. Thankfully, Tyson will be joined by his mother and brother, Dontay. We are incredibly grateful for their help and appreciate what they’re sacrificing to make this trip (time away from family and work).

My heart breaks to not be with Tyson for this trip. We’ve been together for for every appointment, treatment, hospital stay, doctor meeting, etc. from the beginning but what’s important now is that Tyson gets the help he needs right away. As I mentioned, this winter has been very difficult for him and he’s even declined quite a bit, so we are quite anxious to have him back in the hands of Dr. Shroff and the staff at Nu-Tech.

Once I get Tyson on his flight and on his way to India, I will circle back and discuss the events of the past few months and Tyson’s current condition. Now, more than ever, please keep Tyson in your prayers. Please think positive thoughts. Think of the Tyson you all know and remember from growing up together, playing sports with, working at RL, etc.: kind, loving, funny, athletic, tall, (and very handsome 😉 )and I swear we’ll have him back soon. Your positive thoughts and prayers will help him (and us) get through this.

With love,
Ann & Tyson

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 11

  1. Dear Ann and Tyson,
    I’m so sorry to hear there’s been some decline, but don’t ever give up hope, which I don’t think either of you will! I hope everything goes well in India, I’m sorry you can’t go Ann, but glad he has family that can go with him! I pray for you both, that God will heal Tyson fully! God is our father who loves us, our protector and our healer, keep the faith dear friends, keep us updated, love y’all! Teresa

  2. First. My heartiest congratulations . May The Lord grant you guys a healthy baby.

    Sorry to hear that Tyson has regressed this winter. Hopefully this trip will bring him good results .

    Please keep in touch.

    Billy Rheingold

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