Saturday, April 26

Hello all-

I am writing a very brief message for now to let you all know that Tyson is doing well and continues to make small improvements each day. What an absolute miracle stem cells are…and when paired with Tyson’s strength and fortitude, it’s no wonder he’s improved so much.

I have just boarded my flight for the U.S., leaving Tyson at Nu-Tech for two more weeks of stem cell treatment and physical/occupational therapy with his parents by his side. It is so painful when Tyson and I have to be apart, but it should be a testament to how well he’s doing and my confidence in his current condition because I would not leave unless I felt he was 100% okay. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and Tyson and I feel it’s best for me to head home after 5 wks of being in India to get rest and to recuperate.

As soon as I get home, I will travel upstate to my parent’s where Calvin will be waiting for me 🙂 I will write a detailed update about Tyson and his first week back at Nu-Tech once I get settled.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

With love,

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