Thursday, August 14

Hello friends & family:

My message is brief tonight. I am writing to say that Tyson and his parents are all home safely from India. They arrived here in Greenwich around 6:45 this morning. The boys and I greeted Tyson outside as the car pulled up to the front of the house. I got tears in my eyes as I watched Tyson be reunited with Cal and Abren. He couldn’t stop talking about how much they’ve both grown while he was away.

Tyson is exhausted from a grueling trip and has been in bed resting all day. He’s happy to be home for sure. I have plenty to update you all on and will do so very soon. However, the reality right now is that we are both feeling exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. I look at him and my heart breaks. He’s fighting so hard, has been through hell these past 3 1/2 years and he’s tired. Please don’t get me wrong- no one’s giving up over here; it’s just overwhelming sometimes. The important thing is that we keep moving and stay focused.

Tomorrow is a new day. As always, thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.



4 thoughts on “Thursday, August 14

  1. Annie, tell Tyson I am rooting for him and that you are both in my prayers. Also tell him we have a date in 2015 to walk in to Lange’s office. Xo

  2. Hi Ann! Hope you and the boys are doing well and Tyson is feeling better lately. Jake and I would love to see you guys. Would you like to come over for a play date and dinner this Saturday? Let us know. Hope all is well.

    1. Hello. Soon after I finished praying for Tyson this morning I turned on the TV and saw this video about ALS. You may be already aware of what is in the report but just in case you were not I wanted to send it to you. I hope it provides some useful information. It was of tremendous value to the people who tried it. The link is below. Please let me know what you think. Peter Harrison

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