Wednesday, October 29

Hello friend and family-

After about a 10 1/2 week hiatus from the blog, I am writing tonight to let you know that Tyson is on the plane en route to India at this moment with his mom and his best friend, Matt. This will be Tyson’s 6th trip for stem cell treatment!! He is so excited to head back to Nu-Tech and is anxious to make some more progress in his recovery.

I will write more later on, but for now, know that this has been an overall successful stay at home for Tyson. He is at his weakest (with the obvious exception of the trip back in the spring that landed him in the hospital); his voice is at a whisper and he is extremely tired. Once he resumes his stem cell therapy, he will begin to feel better!

Thank you to everyone who keeps us in their thoughts and prayers.

More to come…!

With love,

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