Thursday, December 11

Hello friends & family!

Tyson, his mom and his friend Matt have safely landed in Newark, NJ and are almost to our house! Calvin, Abren and I are anxiously waiting for them with coffee and muffins on hand, as I am sure Audrey and Matt could use some comfort foods 🙂

I will send you all an update on Tyson’s current condition and details about his trip as soon as I can. Overall, he has remained stable which is an enormous accomplishment and has even made some small improvements. The important thing to remember is although the gains may seem small, there are much greater gains being made under the surface throughout his body; it’ll just take some time to see them!

Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers.

With love,
Ann and the boys 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thursday, December 11

  1. Every little thing is a big thing in life! It just takes time to realize it! God Bless and enjoy every moment today! Love always!

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